Fishing Reel Bearings

FITRUN BEARING manufactures a wide range of fishing reel bearings. Our fishing reel bearings have the characteristics of high precision, low noise, free and speed rotation, small starting torque and excellent corrosion resistance (AISI440C stainless steel ball bearings, ceramic hybrid bearings).

Fishing Reel Ball Bearings

The fishing reel bearings are available in material of chrome steel, ceramic hybrid and stainless steel and in the precision from ABEC 1 to ABEC 7. Most of the superior fishing gears use stainless steel bearings or ceramic hybrid bearings rather than chrome steel bearings to guarantee the long service life no matter they are used in fresh water or sea water circumstance.

The bearings in following tables are commonly used on fishing reels / fishing gears. They are made of AISI 440C stainless steel, and so are corrosion resistance. Please don’t hesitate to contact us If you have question to find the right bearing for your fishing reels.

Stainless Steel Fishing Reel Bearings with Bore Diameter Ranging from 1 to 5 mm.

Part No.Bore Dia.Outer Dia.Width
S6811 mm3 mm1 mm
S6911 mm4 mm1.6 mm
S681X1.5 mm4 mm1.2 mm
S681XZZ1.5 mm4 mm2 mm
S691X1.5 mm5 mm2 mm
S691XZZ1.5 mm5 mm2.6 mm
S601X1.5 mm6 mm2.5 mm
S601XZZ1.5 mm6 mm3 mm
S6822 mm5 mm1.5 mm
S682ZZ2 mm5 mm2.3 mm
SMR522 mm5 mm2 mm
SMR52ZZ2 mm5 mm2.5 mm
S6922 mm6 mm2.3 mm
SMR622 mm6 mm2.5 mm
SMR62ZZ2 mm6 mm2.5 mm
S692ZZ2 mm6 mm3 mm
S6022 mm7 mm2.8 mm
S602ZZ2 mm7 mm3.5 mm
S682X2.5 mm6 mm1.8 mm
S682XZZ2.5 mm6 mm2.6 mm
S692X2.5 mm7 mm2.5 mm
S692XZZ2.5 mm7 mm3.5 mm
SMR82X2.5 mm8 mm2.5 mm
S602X2.5 mm8 mm2.8 mm
S602XZZ2.5 mm8 mm4 mm
SMR633 mm6 mm2 mm
SMR63ZZ3 mm6 mm2.5 mm
S6833 mm7 mm2 mm
S683ZZ3 mm7 mm3 mm
SMR833 mm8 mm2.5 mm
SMR83ZZ3 mm8 mm3 mm
S6933 mm8 mm3 mm
S693ZZ3 mm8 mm4 mm
SMR933 mm9 mm2.5 mm
SMR93ZZ3 mm9 mm4 mm
S6033 mm9 mm3 mm
S603ZZ3 mm9 mm5 mm
S623ZZ3 mm10 mm4 mm
SMR744 mm7 mm2 mm
SMR74ZZ4 mm7 mm2.5 mm
SMR844 mm8 mm2 mm
SMR84ZZ4 mm8 mm3 mm
S6844 mm9 mm2.5 mm
S684ZZ4 mm9 mm4 mm
SMR1044 mm10 mm3 mm
SMR104ZZ4 mm10 mm4 mm
S694ZZ4 mm11 mm4 mm
S604ZZ4 mm12 mm4 mm
S624ZZ4 mm13 mm5 mm
S634ZZ4 mm16 mm5 mm
SMR855 mm8 mm2 mm
SMR85ZZ5 mm8 mm2.5 mm
SMR955 mm9 mm2.5 mm
SMR95ZZ5 mm9 mm3 mm
SMR1055 mm10 mm3 mm
SMR105ZZ5 mm10 mm4 mm
SMR115ZZ5 mm11 mm4 mm
S6855 mm11 mm3 mm
S685ZZ5 mm11 mm5 mm
SMR125ZZ5 mm12 mm4 mm
S695ZZ5 mm13 mm4 mm
S605ZZ5 mm14 mm5 mm
S625ZZ5 mm16 mm5 mm
S635ZZ5 mm19 mm6 mm
Fishing Reel Bearings Bore Diameter 1 – 5 mm

Stainless Steel Fishing Reel Bearings with Bore Diameter Ranging from 6 to 12 mm.

Part No.Bore Dia.Outer Dia.Width
SMR1066 mm10 mm2.5 mm
SMR106ZZ6 mm10 mm3 mm
SMR1266 mm12 mm3 mm
SMR126ZZ6 mm12 mm4 mm
S6866 mm13 mm3.5 mm
S686ZZ6 mm13 mm5 mm
S696ZZ6 mm15 mm5 mm
606ZZ/C6 mm17 mm6 mm
626ZZ/C6 mm19 mm6 mm
636ZZ/C6 mm22 mm7 mm
SMR1177 mm11 mm2.5 mm
SMR117ZZ7 mm11 mm3 mm
SMR1377 mm13 mm3 mm
SMR137ZZ7 mm13 mm4 mm
S6877 mm14 mm3.5 mm
S687ZZ7 mm14 mm5 mm
S697ZZ7 mm17 mm5 mm
S607ZZ7 mm19 mm6 mm
S627ZZ7 mm22 mm7 mm
SMR1288 mm12 mm2.5 mm
SMR128ZZ8 mm12 mm3.5 mm
SMR1488 mm14 mm3.5 mm
SMR148ZZ8 mm14 mm4 mm
S6888 mm16 mm4 mm
S688ZZ8 mm16 mm5 mm
S698ZZ8 mm19 mm6 mm
S608ZZ8 mm22 mm7 mm
S628ZZ8 mm24 mm8 mm
S638ZZ8 mm28 mm9 mm
S6799 mm14 mm3 mm
S679ZZ9 mm14 mm4.5 mm
S6899 mm17 mm4 mm
S689ZZ9 mm17 mm5 mm
S699ZZ9 mm20 mm6 mm
S609ZZ9 mm24 mm7 mm
S629ZZ9 mm26 mm8 mm
S639ZZ9 mm30 mm10 mm
S6700ZZ10 mm15 mm4 mm
SMR1016ZZ10 mm16 mm4 mm
SMR1016ZZ/B510 mm16 mm5 mm
S6800ZZ10 mm19 mm5 mm
S639800ZZ10 mm19 mm7 mm
S6900ZZ10 mm22 mm6 mm
S6000ZZ10 mm26 mm8 mm
S6200ZZ10 mm30 mm9 mm
S6300ZZ10 mm35 mm11 mm
S6701ZZ12 mm18 mm4 mm
S6801ZZ12 mm21 mm5 mm
S6901ZZ12 mm24 mm6 mm
S6001ZZ12 mm28 mm8 mm
S6201ZZ12 mm32 mm10 mm
S6301ZZ12 mm24 mm6 mm
Fishing Reel Bearings Bore Diameter 6 – 12 mm