System of Measurement
Seal Type
Bore Dia
Outer Dia

Miniature Ball Bearings

FITRUN miniature ball bearings refer to deep groove ball bearings with a bore diameter of 1 to 9 mm, which are available in both metric and inch sizes. They have significant advantages such as high speed, low noise and long life. Miniature ball bearings are also called micro ball bearings, instrument ball bearings and mini ball bearings.

Part NumberSystem of MeasurementSeal TypeBore DiaOuter DiaWidthDynamic Radial LoadStatic Radial LoadMax Speed (X1000 rpm)Weight
R09InchOpen0.04"0.125"0.0469"20 lbf5 lbf1300.05 g
R0InchOpen0.04688"0.15625"0.0625"21 lbf6 lbf1100.1 g
R0ZZInchShielded0.04688"0.15625"0.0625"21 lbf6 lbf1100.15 g
R1InchOpen0.05556"0.1875"0.0781"44 lbf12 lbf900.15 g
R1ZZInchShielded0.05556"0.1875"0.0781"44 lbf12 lbf900.19 g
R1-4InchOpen0.07813"0.25"0.0937"54 lbf17 lbf670.4 g
R1-4ZZInchShielded0.07813"0.25"0.0937"54 lbf17 lbf670.53 g
R1-4 2RSInchSealed0.07813"0.25"0.0937"54 lbf17 lbf670.53 g
R1-5InchOpen0.09375"0.3125"0.1094"106 lbf32 lbf600.6 g
R1-5ZZInchShielded0.09375"0.3125"0.1406"106 lbf32 lbf601.15 g
R1-5 2RSInchSealed0.09375"0.3125"0.1406"106 lbf32 lbf601.15 g
R133InchOpen0.09375"0.1875"0.0625"36 lbf11 lbf800.1 g
R133ZZInchShielded0.09375"0.1875"0.0937"28 lbf10 lbf800.15 g
R133-2RSInchSealed0.09375"0.1875"0.0937"28 lbf10 lbf800.15 g
R144InchOpen0.125"0.25"0.0937"54 lbf17 lbf670.27 g
R144ZZInchShielded0.125"0.25"0.1097"54 lbf17 lbf670.4 g
R144-2RSInchSealed0.125"0.25"0.1097"54 lbf17 lbf670.4 g
R2InchOpen0.125"0.375"0.1562"121 lbf39 lbf561.04 g
R2ZZInchShielded0.125"0.375"0.1562"121 lbf39 lbf561.37 g
R2-2RSInchSealed0.125"0.375"0.1562"121 lbf39 lbf561.37 g
R2-5InchOpen0.125"0.3125"0.1094"107 lbf32 lbf600.5 g
R2-5ZZInchShielded0.125"0.3125"0.1406"107 lbf32 lbf600.74 g
R2-5 2RSInchSealed0.125"0.3125"0.1406"107 lbf32 lbf600.74 g
R2-6InchOpen0.125"0.375"0.1094"122 lbf41 lbf530.96 g
R2-6ZZInchShielded0.125"0.375"0.1406"122 lbf41 lbf531.23 g
R2-6 2RSInchSealed0.125"0.375"0.1406"122 lbf41 lbf531.23 g
R2AInchOpen0.125"0.5"0.1719"122 lbf41 lbf533.3 g
R2AZZInchShielded0.125"0.5"0.1719"122 lbf41 lbf533.5 g
R2A 2RSInchSealed0.125"0.5"0.1719"122 lbf41 lbf533.5 g
R155InchOpen0.15625"0.3125"0.1094"69 lbf27 lbf530.51 g
R155ZZInchShielded0.15625"0.3125"0.125"69 lbf27 lbf530.61 g
R155-2RSInchSealed0.15625"0.3125"0.125"69 lbf27 lbf530.61 g
R156InchOpen0.1875"0.3125"0.1094"69 lbf27 lbf530.4 g
R156ZZInchShielded0.1875"0.3125"0.125"69 lbf27 lbf530.52 g
R156-2RSInchSealed0.1875"0.3125"0.125"69 lbf27 lbf530.52 g
R166InchOpen0.1875"0.375"0.125"136 lbf49 lbf500.81 g
R166ZZInchShielded0.1875"0.375"0.125"136 lbf49 lbf500.85 g
R166-2RSInchSealed0.1875"0.375"0.125"136 lbf49 lbf500.85 g
R3InchOpen0.1875"0.5"0.1562"249 lbf88 lbf432.21 g
R3ZZInchShielded0.1875"0.5"0.196"249 lbf88 lbf433 g
R3-2RSInchSealed0.1875"0.5"0.196"249 lbf88 lbf433 g
R3AInchOpen0.1875"0.625"0.196"283 lbf112 lbf385.08 g
R3AZZInchShielded0.1875"0.625"0.196"283 lbf112 lbf385.08 g
R3A-2RSInchSealed0.1875"0.625"0.196"283 lbf112 lbf385.08 g
R168InchOpen0.25"0.375"0.125"71 lbf31 lbf480.57 g
R168ZZInchShielded0.25"0.375"0.125"71 lbf31 lbf480.6 g
R168-2RSInchSealed0.25"0.375"0.125"71 lbf31 lbf480.6 g
R188InchOpen0.25"0.5"0.125"207 lbf80 lbf401.6 g
R188ZZInchShielded0.25"0.5"0.1875"207 lbf80 lbf402.32 g
R188-2RSInchSealed0.25"0.5"0.1875"207 lbf80 lbf402.32 g
R4InchOpen0.25"0.625"0.196"283 lbf112 lbf384.46 g
R4ZZInchShielded0.25"0.625"0.196"283 lbf112 lbf384.54 g
R4-2RSInchSealed0.25"0.625"0.196"283 lbf112 lbf384.54 g
R4AInchOpen0.25"0.75"0.2812"446 lbf161 lbf367.48 g
R4AZZInchShielded0.25"0.75"0.2812"446 lbf161 lbf3610 g
R4A-2RSInchSealed0.25"0.75"0.2812"446 lbf161 lbf3610 g
R6InchOpen0.375"0.875"0.2812"638 lbf256 lbf329.02 g
R6ZZInchShielded0.375"0.875"0.2812"638 lbf256 lbf3211.7 g
R6-2RSInchSealed0.375"0.875"0.2812"638 lbf256 lbf3211.7 g
681MetricOpen1 mm3 mm1 mm82 N21 N1300.03 g
691MetricOpen1 mm4 mm1.6 mm120 N30 N1000.11 g
681XMetricOpen1.5 mm4 mm1.2 mm95 N26 N1000.1 g
681XZZMetricShielded1.5 mm4 mm2 mm95 N26 N1000.14 g
691XMetricOpen1.5 mm5 mm2 mm144 N40 N850.2 g
691XZZMetricShielded1.5 mm5 mm2.6 mm144 N40 N850.25 g
601XMetricOpen1.5 mm6 mm2.5 mm281 N79 N750.31 g
601XZZMetricShielded1.5 mm6 mm3 mm281 N79 N750.4 g
682MetricOpen2 mm5 mm1.5 mm144 N40 N850.15 g
682ZZMetricShielded2 mm5 mm2.3 mm144 N40 N850.2 g
682-2RSMetricSealed2 mm5 mm2.3 mm144 N40 N850.15 g
MR52MetricOpen2 mm5 mm2 mm144 N40 N850.14 g
MR52ZZMetricShielded2 mm5 mm2.5 mm144 N40 N850.2 g
MR52-2RSMetricSealed2 mm5 mm2.5 mm144 N40 N850.17 g
692MetricOpen2 mm6 mm2.3 mm281 N79 N750.28 g
692ZZMetricShielded2 mm6 mm3 mm281 N79 N750.35 g
692-2RSMetricSealed2 mm6 mm3 mm281 N79 N750.32 g
MR62MetricOpen2 mm6 mm2.5 mm281 N79 N750.28 g
MR62ZZMetricShielded2 mm6 mm2.5 mm281 N79 N750.33 g
MR62-2RSMetricSealed2 mm6 mm2.5 mm281 N79 N750.3 g
MR72MetricOpen2 mm7 mm2.5 mm328 N103 N630.43 g
MR72ZZMetricShielded2 mm7 mm3 mm328 N103 N650.53 g
MR72-2RSMetricSealed2 mm7 mm3 mm328 N103 N630.53 g
602MetricOpen2 mm7 mm2.8 mm328 N103 N600.5 g
602ZZMetricShielded2 mm7 mm3.5 mm328 N103 N600.6 g
602-2RSMetricSealed2 mm7 mm3.5 mm328 N103 N600.6 g
682XMetricOpen2.5 mm6 mm1.8 mm178 N59 N710.2 g
682XZZMetricShielded2.5 mm6 mm2.6 mm178 N59 N710.35 g
682X-2RSMetricSealed2.5 mm6 mm2.6 mm178 N59 N710.31 g
692XMetricOpen2.5 mm7 mm2.5 mm328 N103 N630.4 g
692XZZMetricShielded2.5 mm7 mm3 mm328 N103 N630.55 g
692X-2RSMetricSealed2.5 mm7 mm3 mm328 N103 N630.53 g
MR82XMetricOpen2.5 mm8 mm2.5 mm474 N144 N600.39 g
MR82XZZMetricShielded2.5 mm8 mm2.5 mm474 N144 N600.52 g
MR82X-2RSMetricSealed2.5 mm8 mm2.5 mm474 N144 N600.5 g
602XMetricOpen2.5 mm8 mm2.8 mm469 N142 N600.61 g
602XZZMetricShielded2.5 mm8 mm4 mm469 N142 N600.85 g
602X-2RSMetricSealed2.5 mm8 mm4 mm469 N142 N600.83 g
MR63MetricOpen3 mm6 mm2 mm178 N59 N710.2 g
MR63ZZMetricShielded3 mm6 mm2.5 mm178 N59 N710.28 g
MR63-2RSMetricSealed3 mm6 mm2.5 mm178 N59 N710.28 g
683MetricOpen3 mm7 mm2 mm264 N90 N630.32 g
683ZZMetricShielded3 mm7 mm3 mm264 N90 N630.45 g
683-2RSMetricSealed3 mm7 mm3 mm264 N90 N630.43 g
MR83MetricOpen3 mm8 mm2.5 mm336 N113 N600.51 g
MR83ZZMetricShielded3 mm8 mm3 mm336 N113 N600.67 g
MR83-2RSMetricSealed3 mm8 mm3 mm336 N113 N600.65 g
693MetricOpen3 mm8 mm3 mm474 N144 N600.6 g
693ZZMetricShielded3 mm8 mm4 mm474 N144 N600.8 g
693-2RSMetricSealed3 mm8 mm4 mm474 N144 N600.78 g
MR93MetricOpen3 mm9 mm2.5 mm485 N151 N560.75 g
MR93ZZMetricShielded3 mm9 mm4 mm485 N151 N561.15 g
MR93-2RSMetricSealed3 mm9 mm4 mm485 N151 N561.13 g
603MetricOpen3 mm9 mm3 mm230 N151 N560.84 g
603ZZMetricShielded3 mm9 mm5 mm230 N151 N561.13 g
603-2RSMetricSealed3 mm9 mm5 mm230 N151 N561.11 g
623MetricOpen3 mm10 mm4 mm536 N175 N501.45 g
623ZZMetricShielded3 mm10 mm4 mm536 N175 N501.65 g
623-2RSMetricSealed3 mm10 mm4 mm536 N175 N501.63 g
633MetricOpen3 mm13 mm5 mm1106 N390 N403.27 g
633ZZMetricShielded3 mm13 mm5 mm1106 N390 N403.43 g
633-2RSMetricSealed3 mm13 mm5 mm1106 N390 N403.41 g
MR74MetricOpen4 mm7 mm2 mm264 N92 N600.23 g
MR74ZZMetricShielded4 mm7 mm2.5 mm264 N92 N600.33 g
MR74-2RSMetricSealed4 mm7 mm2.5 mm264 N92 N600.31 g
MR84MetricOpen4 mm8 mm2 mm336 N113 N560.39 g
MR84ZZMetricShielded4 mm8 mm3 mm336 N113 N560.56 g
MR84-2RSMetricSealed4 mm8 mm3 mm336 N113 N560.53 g
684MetricOpen4 mm9 mm2.5 mm545 N182 N530.65 g
684ZZMetricShielded4 mm9 mm4 mm545 N182 N531 g
684-2RSMetricSealed4 mm9 mm4 mm545 N182 N530.98 g
MR104MetricOpen4 mm10 mm3 mm604 N218 N480.96 g
MR104ZZMetricShielded4 mm10 mm4 mm604 N218 N481.33 g
MR104-2RSMetricSealed4 mm10 mm4 mm604 N218 N481.31 g
694MetricOpen4 mm11 mm4 mm814 N280 N481.69 g
694ZZMetricShielded4 mm11 mm4 mm814 N280 N481.75 g
694-2RSMetricSealed4 mm11 mm4 mm814 N280 N481.73 g
604MetricOpen4 mm12 mm4 mm814 N280 N482.19 g
604ZZMetricShielded4 mm12 mm4 mm814 N280 N482.34 g
604-2RSMetricSealed4 mm12 mm4 mm814 N280 N482.32 g
624MetricOpen4 mm13 mm5 mm1106 N390 N403.1 g
624ZZMetricShielded4 mm13 mm5 mm1106 N390 N403.2 g
624-2RSMetricSealed4 mm13 mm5 mm1106 N390 N403.18 g
634MetricOpen4 mm16 mm5 mm1139 N418 N395.24 g
634ZZMetricShielded4 mm16 mm5 mm1139 N418 N395.44 g
634-2RSMetricSealed4 mm16 mm5 mm1139 N418 N395.41 g
MR85MetricOpen5 mm8 mm2 mm262 N96 N530.25 g
MR85ZZMetricShielded5 mm8 mm2.5 mm262 N96 N530.34 g
MR85-2RSMetricSealed5 mm8 mm2.5 mm262 N96 N530.32 g
MR95MetricOpen5 mm9 mm2.5 mm366 N135 N500.54 g
MR95ZZMetricShielded5 mm9 mm3 mm366 N135 N500.58 g
MR95-2RSMetricSealed5 mm9 mm3 mm366 N135 N500.58 g
MR105MetricOpen5 mm10 mm3 mm366 N135 N500.58 g
MR105ZZMetricShielded5 mm10 mm4 mm366 N135 N500.62 g
MR105-2RSMetricSealed5 mm10 mm4 mm366 N135 N500.62 g
MR115MetricOpen5 mm11 mm3 mm609 N226 N450.6 g
MR115ZZMetricShielded5 mm11 mm4 mm609 N226 N450.63 g
MR115-2RSMetricSealed5 mm11 mm4 mm609 N226 N450.63 g
685MetricOpen5 mm11 mm3 mm609 N226 N451.16 g
685ZZMetricShielded5 mm11 mm5 mm609 N226 N451.93 g
685-2RSMetricSealed5 mm11 mm5 mm609 N226 N451.91 g
695MetricOpen5 mm13 mm4 mm916 N346 N432.31 g
695ZZMetricShielded5 mm13 mm4 mm916 N346 N432.39 g
695-2RSMetricSealed5 mm13 mm4 mm916 N346 N432.36 g
605MetricOpen5 mm14 mm5 mm1130 N406 N403.46 g
605ZZMetricShielded5 mm14 mm5 mm1130 N406 N403.75 g
605-2RSMetricSealed5 mm14 mm5 mm1130 N406 N403.73 g
625MetricOpen5 mm16 mm5 mm1470 N540 N364.95 g
625ZZMetricShielded5 mm16 mm5 mm1470 N540 N365.1 g
625-2RSMetricSealed5 mm16 mm5 mm1470 N540 N365.06 g
635MetricOpen5 mm19 mm6 mm1986 N717 N328.5 g
635ZZMetricShielded5 mm19 mm6 mm1986 N717 N328.89 g
635-2RSMetricSealed5 mm19 mm6 mm1986 N717 N328.85 g
MR106MetricOpen6 mm10 mm2.5 mm422 N174 N450.55 g
MR106ZZMetricShielded6 mm10 mm3 mm422 N174 N450.7 g
MR106-2RSMetricSealed6 mm10 mm3 mm422 N174 N450.7 g
MR126MetricOpen6 mm12 mm3 mm609 N236 N431.25 g
MR126ZZMetricShielded6 mm12 mm4 mm609 N236 N431.66 g
MR126-2RSMetricSealed6 mm12 mm4 mm609 N236 N431.63 g
686MetricOpen6 mm13 mm3.5 mm920 N354 N401.87 g
686ZZMetricShielded6 mm13 mm5 mm920 N354 N402.68 g
686-2RSMetricSealed6 mm13 mm5 mm920 N354 N402.68 g
696MetricOpen6 mm15 mm5 mm1139 N418 N403.65 g
696ZZMetricShielded6 mm15 mm5 mm1139 N418 N403.85 g
696-2RSMetricSealed6 mm15 mm5 mm1139 N418 N403.82 g
606MetricOpen6 mm17 mm6 mm1944 N677 N385.94 g
606ZZMetricShielded6 mm17 mm6 mm1944 N677 N386.89 g
606-2RSMetricSealed6 mm17 mm6 mm1944 N677 N386.86 g
626MetricOpen6 mm19 mm6 mm1986 N717 N328.12 g
626ZZMetricShielded6 mm19 mm6 mm1986 N717 N328.65 g
626-2RSMetricSealed6 mm19 mm6 mm1986 N717 N328.65 g
636MetricOpen6 mm22 mm7 mm2833 N1138 N3013.9 g
636ZZMetricShielded6 mm22 mm7 mm2833 N1138 N3014.5 g
636-2RSMetricSealed6 mm22 mm7 mm2833 N1138 N3014.3 g
MR117MetricOpen7 mm11 mm2.5 mm387 N162 N430.59 g
MR117ZZMetricShielded7 mm11 mm3 mm387 N162 N430.71 g
MR117-2RSMetricSealed7 mm11 mm3 mm387 N162 N430.71 g
MR137MetricOpen7 mm13 mm3 mm460 N221 N401.52 g
MR137ZZMetricShielded7 mm13 mm4 mm460 N221 N402.01 g
MR137-2RSMetricSealed7 mm13 mm4 mm460 N221 N402.01 g
687MetricOpen7 mm14 mm3.5 mm997 N410 N402.03 g
687ZZMetricShielded7 mm14 mm4 mm997 N410 N402.95 g
687-2RSMetricSealed7 mm14 mm4 mm997 N410 N402.95 g
697MetricOpen7 mm17 mm5 mm1364 N575 N365.01 g
697ZZMetricShielded7 mm17 mm5 mm1364 N575 N365.26 g
697-2RSMetricSealed7 mm17 mm5 mm1364 N575 N365.25 g
607MetricOpen7 mm19 mm6 mm1986 N717 N367.8 g
607ZZMetricShielded7 mm19 mm6 mm1986 N717 N368.24 g
607-2RSMetricSealed7 mm19 mm6 mm1986 N717 N368.23 g
627MetricOpen7 mm22 mm7 mm2794 N1103 N3012.7 g
627ZZMetricShielded7 mm22 mm7 mm2794 N1103 N3013.1 g
627-2RSMetricSealed7 mm22 mm7 mm2794 N1103 N3013 g
637MetricOpen7 mm26 mm9 mm3879 N1586 N2824.2 g
637ZZMetricShielded7 mm26 mm9 mm3879 N1586 N2825.8 g
637-2RSMetricSealed7 mm26 mm9 mm3879 N1586 N2825.6 g
MR128MetricOpen8 mm12 mm2.5 mm462 N219 N400.7 g
MR128ZZMetricShielded8 mm12 mm3.5 mm462 N219 N400.99 g
MR128-2RSMetricSealed8 mm12 mm3.5 mm462 N219 N400.98 g
MR148MetricOpen8 mm14 mm3.5 mm695 N309 N381.9 g
MR148ZZMetricShielded8 mm14 mm4 mm695 N309 N382.19 g
MR148-2RSMetricSealed8 mm14 mm4 mm695 N309 N382.19 g
688MetricOpen8 mm16 mm4 mm1064 N474 N363.11 g
688ZZMetricShielded8 mm16 mm5 mm1064 N474 N364.05 g
688-2RSMetricSealed8 mm16 mm5 mm1064 N474 N364.03 g
698MetricOpen8 mm19 mm6 mm1902 N734 N367.12 g
698ZZMetricShielded8 mm19 mm6 mm1902 N734 N367.57 g
698-2RSMetricSealed8 mm19 mm6 mm1902 N734 N367.55 g
608MetricOpen8 mm22 mm7 mm2799 N1103 N3411.8 g
608ZZMetricShielded8 mm22 mm7 mm2799 N1103 N3412.9 g
608-2RSMetricSealed8 mm22 mm7 mm2799 N1103 N3412.7 g
628MetricOpen8 mm24 mm8 mm2833 N1138 N2817.1 g
628ZZMetricShielded8 mm24 mm8 mm2833 N1138 N2818.5 g
628-2RSMetricSealed8 mm24 mm8 mm2833 N1138 N2818.3 g
638MetricOpen8 mm28 mm9 mm3879 N1586 N2828.1 g
638ZZMetricShielded8 mm28 mm9 mm3879 N1586 N2830.3 g
638-2RSMetricSealed8 mm28 mm9 mm3879 N1586 N2830.1 g
679MetricOpen9 mm14 mm3 mm781 N374 N361.35 g
679ZZMetricShielded9 mm14 mm4.5 mm781 N374 N361.98 g
679-2RSMetricSealed9 mm14 mm4.5 mm781 N374 N361.98 g
689MetricOpen9 mm17 mm4 mm1128 N534 N363.41 g
689ZZMetricShielded9 mm17 mm5 mm1128 N534 N364.38 g
689-2RSMetricSealed9 mm17 mm5 mm1128 N534 N364.36 g
699MetricOpen9 mm20 mm6 mm2097 N865 N348.38 g
699ZZMetricShielded9 mm20 mm6 mm2097 N865 N348.54 g
699-2RSMetricSealed9 mm20 mm6 mm2097 N865 N348.52 g
609MetricOpen9 mm24 mm7 mm2853 N1155 N3214.7 g
609ZZMetricShielded9 mm24 mm7 mm2853 N1155 N3216 g
609-2RSMetricSealed9 mm24 mm7 mm2853 N1155 N3215.93 g
629MetricOpen9 mm26 mm8 mm3879 N1586 N2819 g
629ZZMetricShielded9 mm26 mm8 mm3879 N1586 N2821.8 g
629-2RSMetricSealed9 mm26 mm8 mm3879 N1586 N2821.73 g
639MetricOpen9 mm30 mm10 mm3960 N1664 N2436.2 g
639ZZMetricShielded9 mm30 mm10 mm3960 N1664 N2437.1 g
639-2RSMetricSealed9 mm30 mm10 mm3960 N1664 N2437.02 g