System of Measurement
Seal Type
Bore Dia
Outer Dia

Miniature Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

Miniature stainless steel ball bearings refer to stainless steel deep groove ball bearings with bore diameter from 1 to 9 mm, outer diameter from 3 to 30 mm. Stainless steel bearings are not easy to rust and have strong corrosion resistance, they are washable and can withstand higher temperature compared to chrome steel bearings. These are AISI440C stainless steel ball bearings; AISI304 and AISI316L stainless steel ball bearings are also available for manufacture.

Part NumberSystem of MeasurementSeal TypeBore DiaOuter DiaWidthDynamic Radial LoadStatic Radial LoadMax Speed (X1000 rpm)Weight
SR09InchOpen0.04"0.125"0.0469"18 lbf4 lbf1170.05 g
SR0InchOpen0.04688"0.15625"0.0625"19 lbf5 lbf990.1 g
SR0ZZInchShielded0.04688"0.15625"0.0625"19 lbf5 lbf990.15 g
SR1InchOpen0.05556"0.1875"0.0781"40 lbf11 lbf810.15 g
SR1ZZInchShielded0.05556"0.1875"0.0781"40 lbf11 lbf810.19 g
SR1-4InchOpen0.07813"0.25"0.0937"49 lbf15 lbf60.30.4 g
SR1-4ZZInchShielded0.07813"0.25"0.0937"49 lbf15 lbf60.30.53 g
SR1-4 2RSInchSealed0.07813"0.25"0.0937"49 lbf15 lbf60.30.53 g
SR1-5InchOpen0.09375"0.3125"0.1094"95 lbf29 lbf540.6 g
SR1-5ZZInchShielded0.09375"0.3125"0.1406"95 lbf29 lbf541.15 g
SR1-5 2RSInchSealed0.09375"0.3125"0.1406"95 lbf29 lbf541.15 g
SR133InchOpen0.09375"0.1875"0.0625"32 lbf10 lbf720.1 g
SR133ZZInchShielded0.09375"0.1875"0.0937"25 lbf9 lbf720.15 g
SR133-2RSInchSealed0.09375"0.1875"0.0937"25 lbf9 lbf720.15 g
SR144InchOpen0.125"0.25"0.0937"49 lbf15 lbf60.30.27 g
SR144ZZInchShielded0.125"0.25"0.1097"49 lbf15 lbf60.30.4 g
SR144-2RSInchSealed0.125"0.25"0.1097"49 lbf15 lbf60.30.4 g
SR2InchOpen0.125"0.375"0.1562"109 lbf35 lbf50.41.04 g
SR2ZZInchShielded0.125"0.375"0.1562"109 lbf35 lbf50.41.37 g
SR2-2RSInchSealed0.125"0.375"0.1562"109 lbf35 lbf50.41.37 g
SR2-5InchOpen0.125"0.3125"0.1094"96 lbf29 lbf540.5 g
SR2-5ZZInchShielded0.125"0.3125"0.1406"96 lbf29 lbf540.74 g
SR2-5-2RSInchSealed0.125"0.3125"0.1406"96 lbf29 lbf540.74 g
SR2-6InchOpen0.125"0.375"0.1094"110 lbf37 lbf47.70.96 g
SR2-6ZZInchShielded0.125"0.375"0.1406"110 lbf37 lbf47.71.23 g
SR2-6-2RSInchSealed0.125"0.375"0.1406"110 lbf37 lbf47.71.23 g
SR2AInchOpen0.125"0.5"0.1719"110 lbf37 lbf47.73.3 g
SR2AZZInchShielded0.125"0.5"0.1719"110 lbf37 lbf47.73.5 g
SR2A-2RSInchSealed0.125"0.5"0.1719"110 lbf37 lbf47.73.5 g
SR155InchOpen0.15625"0.3125"0.1094"62 lbf24 lbf47.70.51 g
SR155ZZInchShielded0.15625"0.3125"0.125"62 lbf24 lbf47.70.61 g
SR155-2RSInchSealed0.15625"0.3125"0.125"62 lbf24 lbf47.70.61 g
SR156InchOpen0.1875"0.3125"0.1094"62 lbf24 lbf47.70.4 g
SR156ZZInchShielded0.1875"0.3125"0.125"62 lbf24 lbf47.70.52 g
SR156-2RSInchSealed0.1875"0.3125"0.125"62 lbf24 lbf47.70.52 g
SR166InchOpen0.1875"0.375"0.125"122 lbf44 lbf450.81 g
SR166ZZInchShielded0.1875"0.375"0.125"122 lbf44 lbf450.85 g
SR166-2RSInchSealed0.1875"0.375"0.125"122 lbf44 lbf450.85 g
SR3InchOpen0.1875"0.5"0.1562"224 lbf79 lbf38.72.21 g
SR3ZZInchShielded0.1875"0.5"0.196"224 lbf79 lbf38.73 g
SR3-2RSInchSealed0.1875"0.5"0.196"224 lbf79 lbf38.73 g
SR3AInchOpen0.1875"0.625"0.196"255 lbf101 lbf34.25.08 g
SR3AZZInchShielded0.1875"0.625"0.196"255 lbf101 lbf34.25.08 g
SR3A-2RSInchSealed0.1875"0.625"0.196"300 lbf118 lbf34.25.08 g
SR168InchOpen0.25"0.375"0.125"64 lbf28 lbf43.20.57 g
SR168ZZInchShielded0.25"0.375"0.125"64 lbf28 lbf43.20.6 g
SR168-2RSInchSealed0.25"0.375"0.125"64 lbf28 lbf43.20.6 g
SR188InchOpen0.25"0.5"0.125"186 lbf72 lbf361.6 g
SR188ZZInchShielded0.25"0.5"0.1875"186 lbf72 lbf362.32 g
SR188-2RSInchSealed0.25"0.5"0.1875"186 lbf72 lbf362.32 g
SR4InchOpen0.25"0.625"0.196"255 lbf101 lbf34.24.46 g
SR4ZZInchShielded0.25"0.625"0.196"255 lbf101 lbf34.24.54 g
SR4-2RSInchSealed0.25"0.625"0.196"255 lbf101 lbf34.24.54 g
SR4AInchOpen0.25"0.75"0.2812"401 lbf145 lbf32.47.48 g
SR4AZZInchShielded0.25"0.75"0.2812"401 lbf145 lbf32.410 g
SR4A-2RSInchSealed0.25"0.75"0.2812"401 lbf145 lbf32.410 g
SR6InchOpen0.375"0.875"0.2812"574 lbf230 lbf28.89.02 g
SR6ZZInchShielded0.375"0.875"0.2812"574 lbf230 lbf28.811.7 g
SR6-2RSInchSealed0.375"0.875"0.2812"574 lbf230 lbf28.811.7 g
S681MetricOpen1 mm3 mm1 mm76 N18 N1170.03 g
S691MetricOpen1 mm4 mm1.6 mm107 N27 N900.11 g
S681XMetricOpen1.5 mm4 mm1.2 mm85 N22 N900.1 g
S681XZZMetricShielded1.5 mm4 mm2 mm85 N22 N900.14 g
S691XMetricOpen1.5 mm5 mm2 mm129 N36 N76.50.2 g
S691XZZMetricShielded1.5 mm5 mm2.6 mm129 N36 N76.50.25 g
S601XMetricOpen1.5 mm6 mm2.5 mm254 N71 N67.50.31 g
S601XZZMetricShielded1.5 mm6 mm3 mm254 N71 N67.50.4 g
S682MetricOpen2 mm5 mm1.5 mm129 N36 N76.50.15 g
S682ZZMetricShielded2 mm5 mm2.3 mm129 N36 N76.50.2 g
S682-2RSMetricSealed2 mm5 mm2.3 mm129 N36 N76.50.15 g
SMR52MetricOpen2 mm5 mm2 mm129 N36 N76.50.14 g
SMR52ZZMetricShielded2 mm5 mm2.5 mm129 N36 N76.50.2 g
SMR52-2RSMetricSealed2 mm5 mm2.5 mm129 N36 N76.50.17 g
S692MetricOpen2 mm6 mm2.3 mm254 N71 N67.50.28 g
S692ZZMetricShielded2 mm6 mm3 mm254 N71 N67.50.35 g
S692-2RSMetricSealed2 mm6 mm3 mm254 N71 N67.50.32 g
SMR62MetricOpen2 mm6 mm2.5 mm254 N71 N67.50.28 g
SMR62ZZMetricShielded2 mm6 mm2.5 mm254 N71 N67.50.33 g
SMR62-2RSMetricSealed2 mm6 mm2.5 mm254 N71 N67.50.3 g
SMR72MetricOpen2 mm7 mm2.5 mm294 N93 N56.70.43 g
SMR72ZZMetricShielded2 mm7 mm3 mm294 N93 N58.50.53 g
SMR72-2RSMetricSealed2 mm7 mm3 mm294 N93 N56.70.53 g
S602MetricOpen2 mm7 mm2.8 mm294 N93 N540.5 g
S602ZZMetricShielded2 mm7 mm3.5 mm294 N93 N540.6 g
S602-2RSMetricSealed2 mm7 mm3.5 mm294 N93 N540.6 g
S682XMetricOpen2.5 mm6 mm1.8 mm160 N53 N63.90.2 g
S682XZZMetricShielded2.5 mm6 mm2.6 mm160 N53 N63.90.35 g
S682X-2RSMetricSealed2.5 mm6 mm2.6 mm160 N53 N63.90.31 g
S692XMetricOpen2.5 mm7 mm2.5 mm294 N93 N56.70.4 g
S692XZZMetricShielded2.5 mm7 mm3 mm294 N93 N56.70.55 g
S692X-2RSMetricSealed2.5 mm7 mm3 mm294 N93 N56.70.53 g
SMR82XMetricOpen2.5 mm8 mm2.5 mm427 N129 N540.39 g
SMR82XZZMetricShielded2.5 mm8 mm2.5 mm427 N129 N540.52 g
SMR82X-2RSMetricSealed2.5 mm8 mm2.5 mm427 N129 N540.5 g
S602XMetricOpen2.5 mm8 mm2.8 mm423 N129 N540.61 g
S602XZZMetricShielded2.5 mm8 mm4 mm423 N129 N540.85 g
S602X-2RSMetricSealed2.5 mm8 mm4 mm423 N129 N540.83 g
SMR63MetricOpen3 mm6 mm2 mm160 N53 N63.90.2 g
SMR63ZZMetricShielded3 mm6 mm2.5 mm160 N53 N63.90.28 g
SMR63-2RSMetricSealed3 mm6 mm2.5 mm160 N53 N63.90.28 g
S683MetricOpen3 mm7 mm2 mm240 N80 N56.70.32 g
S683ZZMetricShielded3 mm7 mm3 mm240 N80 N56.70.45 g
S683-2RSMetricSealed3 mm7 mm3 mm240 N80 N56.70.43 g
SMR83MetricOpen3 mm8 mm2.5 mm302 N102 N540.51 g
SMR83ZZMetricShielded3 mm8 mm3 mm302 N102 N540.67 g
SMR83-2RSMetricSealed3 mm8 mm3 mm302 N102 N540.65 g
S693MetricOpen3 mm8 mm3 mm427 N129 N540.6 g
S693ZZMetricShielded3 mm8 mm4 mm427 N129 N540.8 g
S693-2RSMetricSealed3 mm8 mm4 mm427 N129 N540.78 g
SMR93MetricOpen3 mm9 mm2.5 mm436 N138 N50.40.75 g
SMR93ZZMetricShielded3 mm9 mm4 mm436 N138 N50.41.15 g
SMR93-2RSMetricSealed3 mm9 mm4 mm436 N138 N50.41.13 g
S603MetricOpen3 mm9 mm3 mm209 N138 N50.40.84 g
S603ZZMetricShielded3 mm9 mm5 mm209 N138 N50.41.13 g
S603-2RSMetricSealed3 mm9 mm5 mm209 N138 N50.41.11 g
S623MetricOpen3 mm10 mm4 mm480 N160 N451.45 g
S623ZZMetricShielded3 mm10 mm4 mm480 N160 N451.65 g
S623-2RSMetricSealed3 mm10 mm4 mm480 N160 N451.63 g
S633MetricOpen3 mm13 mm5 mm996 N351 N363.27 g
S633ZZMetricShielded3 mm13 mm5 mm996 N351 N363.43 g
S633-2RSMetricSealed3 mm13 mm5 mm996 N351 N363.41 g
SMR74MetricOpen4 mm7 mm2 mm240 N85 N540.23 g
SMR74ZZMetricShielded4 mm7 mm2.5 mm196 N76 N540.33 g
SMR74-2RSMetricSealed4 mm7 mm2.5 mm196 N76 N540.31 g
SMR84MetricOpen4 mm8 mm2 mm302 N102 N50.40.39 g
SMR84ZZMetricShielded4 mm8 mm3 mm302 N102 N50.40.56 g
SMR84-2RSMetricSealed4 mm8 mm3 mm302 N102 N50.40.53 g
S684MetricOpen4 mm9 mm2.5 mm489 N165 N47.70.65 g
S684ZZMetricShielded4 mm9 mm4 mm489 N165 N47.71 g
S684-2RSMetricSealed4 mm9 mm4 mm489 N165 N47.70.98 g
SMR104MetricOpen4 mm10 mm3 mm543 N196 N43.20.96 g
SMR104ZZMetricShielded4 mm10 mm4 mm543 N196 N43.21.33 g
SMR104-2RSMetricSealed4 mm10 mm4 mm543 N196 N43.21.31 g
S694MetricOpen4 mm11 mm4 mm734 N254 N43.21.69 g
S694ZZMetricShielded4 mm11 mm4 mm734 N254 N43.21.75 g
S694-2RSMetricSealed4 mm11 mm4 mm734 N254 N43.21.73 g
S604MetricOpen4 mm12 mm4 mm734 N254 N43.22.19 g
S604ZZMetricShielded4 mm12 mm4 mm734 N254 N43.22.34 g
S604-2RSMetricSealed4 mm12 mm4 mm734 N254 N43.22.32 g
S624MetricOpen4 mm13 mm5 mm996 N351 N363.1 g
S624ZZMetricShielded4 mm13 mm5 mm996 N351 N363.2 g
S624-2RSMetricSealed4 mm13 mm5 mm996 N351 N363.18 g
S634MetricOpen4 mm16 mm5 mm1023 N378 N32.45.24 g
S634ZZMetricShielded4 mm16 mm5 mm1023 N378 N32.45.44 g
S634-2RSMetricSealed4 mm16 mm5 mm1023 N378 N32.45.41 g
SMR85MetricOpen5 mm8 mm2 mm236 N85 N47.70.25 g
SMR85ZZMetricShielded5 mm8 mm2.5 mm165 N67 N47.70.34 g
SMR85-2RSMetricSealed5 mm8 mm2.5 mm165 N67 N47.70.32 g
SMR95MetricOpen5 mm9 mm2.5 mm329 N120 N450.54 g
SMR95ZZMetricShielded5 mm9 mm3 mm329 N120 N450.58 g
SMR95-2RSMetricSealed5 mm9 mm3 mm329 N120 N450.58 g
SMR105MetricOpen5 mm10 mm3 mm329 N120 N450.58 g
SMR105ZZMetricShielded5 mm10 mm4 mm329 N120 N450.62 g
SMR105-2RSMetricSealed5 mm10 mm4 mm329 N120 N450.62 g
SMR115MetricOpen5 mm11 mm3 mm547 N205 N40.50.6 g
SMR115ZZMetricShielded5 mm11 mm4 mm547 N205 N40.50.63 g
SMR115-2RSMetricSealed5 mm11 mm4 mm547 N205 N40.50.63 g
S685MetricOpen5 mm11 mm3 mm547 N205 N40.51.16 g
S685ZZMetricShielded5 mm11 mm5 mm547 N205 N40.51.93 g
S685-2RSMetricSealed5 mm11 mm5 mm547 N205 N40.51.91 g
S695MetricOpen5 mm13 mm4 mm823 N311 N38.72.31 g
S695ZZMetricShielded5 mm13 mm4 mm823 N311 N38.72.39 g
S695-2RSMetricSealed5 mm13 mm4 mm823 N311 N38.72.36 g
S605MetricOpen5 mm14 mm5 mm1019 N365 N363.46 g
S605ZZMetricShielded5 mm14 mm5 mm1019 N365 N363.75 g
S605-2RSMetricSealed5 mm14 mm5 mm1019 N365 N363.73 g
S625MetricOpen5 mm16 mm5 mm1321 N485 N32.44.95 g
S625ZZMetricShielded5 mm16 mm5 mm1321 N485 N32.45.1 g
S625-2RSMetricSealed5 mm16 mm5 mm1321 N485 N32.45.06 g
S635MetricOpen5 mm19 mm6 mm1788 N645 N28.88.5 g
S635ZZMetricShielded5 mm19 mm6 mm1788 N645 N28.88.89 g
S635-2RSMetricSealed5 mm19 mm6 mm1788 N645 N28.88.85 g
SMR106MetricOpen6 mm10 mm2.5 mm378 N156 N40.50.55 g
SMR106ZZMetricShielded6 mm10 mm3 mm378 N156 N40.50.7 g
SMR106-2RSMetricSealed6 mm10 mm3 mm378 N156 N40.50.7 g
SMR126MetricOpen6 mm12 mm3 mm547 N214 N38.71.25 g
SMR126ZZMetricShielded6 mm12 mm4 mm547 N214 N38.71.66 g
SMR126-2RSMetricSealed6 mm12 mm4 mm547 N214 N38.71.63 g
S686MetricOpen6 mm13 mm3.5 mm827 N320 N361.87 g
S686ZZMetricShielded6 mm13 mm5 mm827 N320 N362.68 g
S686-2RSMetricSealed6 mm13 mm5 mm827 N320 N362.68 g
S696MetricOpen6 mm15 mm5 mm1023 N378 N363.65 g
S696ZZMetricShielded6 mm15 mm5 mm1023 N378 N363.85 g
S696-2RSMetricSealed6 mm15 mm5 mm1023 N378 N363.82 g
S606MetricOpen6 mm17 mm6 mm1730 N609 N34.25.94 g
S606ZZMetricShielded6 mm17 mm6 mm1730 N609 N34.26.89 g
S606-2RSMetricSealed6 mm17 mm6 mm1730 N609 N34.26.86 g
S626MetricOpen6 mm19 mm6 mm1788 N645 N28.88.12 g
S626ZZMetricShielded6 mm19 mm6 mm1788 N645 N28.88.65 g
S626-2RSMetricSealed6 mm19 mm6 mm1788 N645 N28.88.65 g
S636MetricOpen6 mm22 mm7 mm2549 N1023 N2713.9 g
S636ZZMetricShielded6 mm22 mm7 mm2549 N1023 N2714.5 g
S636-2RSMetricSealed6 mm22 mm7 mm2549 N1023 N2714.3 g
SMR117MetricOpen7 mm11 mm2.5 mm347 N147 N38.70.59 g
SMR117ZZMetricShielded7 mm11 mm3 mm347 N147 N38.70.71 g
SMR117-2RSMetricSealed7 mm11 mm3 mm347 N147 N38.70.71 g
SMR137MetricOpen7 mm13 mm3 mm414 N200 N361.52 g
SMR137ZZMetricShielded7 mm13 mm4 mm414 N200 N362.01 g
SMR137-2RSMetricSealed7 mm13 mm4 mm414 N200 N362.01 g
S687MetricOpen7 mm14 mm3.5 mm899 N369 N362.03 g
S687ZZMetricShielded7 mm14 mm4 mm899 N369 N362.95 g
S687-2RSMetricSealed7 mm14 mm4 mm899 N369 N362.95 g
S697MetricOpen7 mm17 mm5 mm1228 N516 N32.45.01 g
S697ZZMetricShielded7 mm17 mm5 mm1228 N516 N32.45.26 g
S697-2RSMetricSealed7 mm17 mm5 mm1228 N516 N32.45.25 g
S607MetricOpen7 mm19 mm6 mm1788 N645 N32.47.8 g
S607ZZMetricShielded7 mm19 mm6 mm1788 N645 N32.48.24 g
S607-2RSMetricSealed7 mm19 mm6 mm1788 N645 N32.48.23 g
S627MetricOpen7 mm22 mm7 mm2513 N992 N2712.7 g
S627ZZMetricShielded7 mm22 mm7 mm2513 N992 N2713.1 g
S627-2RSMetricSealed7 mm22 mm7 mm2513 N992 N2713 g
S637MetricOpen7 mm26 mm9 mm3492 N1428 N25.224.2 g
S637ZZMetricShielded7 mm26 mm9 mm3492 N1428 N25.225.8 g
S637-2RSMetricSealed7 mm26 mm9 mm3492 N1428 N25.225.6 g
SMR128MetricOpen8 mm12 mm2.5 mm418 N196 N360.7 g
SMR128ZZMetricShielded8 mm12 mm3.5 mm418 N196 N360.99 g
SMR128-2RSMetricSealed8 mm12 mm3.5 mm418 N196 N360.98 g
SMR148MetricOpen8 mm14 mm3.5 mm627 N276 N34.21.9 g
SMR148ZZMetricShielded8 mm14 mm4 mm627 N276 N34.22.19 g
SMR148-2RSMetricSealed8 mm14 mm4 mm627 N276 N34.22.19 g
S688MetricOpen8 mm16 mm4 mm956 N427 N32.43.11 g
S688ZZMetricShielded8 mm16 mm5 mm956 N427 N32.44.05 g
S688-2RSMetricSealed8 mm16 mm5 mm956 N427 N32.44.03 g
S698MetricOpen8 mm19 mm6 mm1713 N663 N32.47.12 g
S698ZZMetricShielded8 mm19 mm6 mm1713 N663 N32.47.57 g
S698-2RSMetricSealed8 mm19 mm6 mm1713 N663 N32.47.55 g
S608MetricOpen8 mm22 mm7 mm2518 N992 N30.611.8 g
S608ZZMetricShielded8 mm22 mm7 mm2518 N992 N30.612.9 g
S608-2RSMetricSealed8 mm22 mm7 mm2518 N992 N30.612.7 g
S628MetricOpen8 mm24 mm8 mm2549 N1023 N25.217.1 g
S628ZZMetricShielded8 mm24 mm8 mm2549 N1023 N25.218.5 g
S628-2RSMetricSealed8 mm24 mm8 mm2549 N1023 N25.218.3 g
S638MetricOpen8 mm28 mm9 mm3492 N1428 N25.228.1 g
S638ZZMetricShielded8 mm28 mm9 mm3492 N1428 N25.230.3 g
S638-2RSMetricSealed8 mm28 mm9 mm3492 N1428 N25.230.1 g
S679MetricOpen9 mm14 mm3 mm703 N338 N32.41.35 g
S679ZZMetricShielded9 mm14 mm4.5 mm703 N338 N32.41.98 g
S679-2RSMetricSealed9 mm14 mm4.5 mm703 N338 N32.41.98 g
S689MetricOpen9 mm17 mm4 mm1014 N480 N32.43.41 g
S689ZZMetricShielded9 mm17 mm5 mm1014 N480 N32.44.38 g
S689-2RSMetricSealed9 mm17 mm5 mm1014 N480 N32.44.36 g
S699MetricOpen9 mm20 mm6 mm1886 N778 N30.68.38 g
S699ZZMetricShielded9 mm20 mm6 mm1886 N778 N30.68.54 g
S699-2RSMetricSealed9 mm20 mm6 mm1886 N778 N30.68.52 g
S609MetricOpen9 mm24 mm7 mm2567 N1041 N28.814.7 g
S609ZZMetricShielded9 mm24 mm7 mm2567 N1041 N28.816 g
S609-2RSMetricSealed9 mm24 mm7 mm2567 N1041 N28.815.93 g
S629MetricOpen9 mm26 mm8 mm3492 N1428 N25.219 g
S629ZZMetricShielded9 mm26 mm8 mm3492 N1428 N25.221.8 g
S629-2RSMetricSealed9 mm26 mm8 mm3492 N1428 N25.221.73 g
S639MetricOpen9 mm30 mm10 mm3563 N1499 N21.636.2 g
S639ZZMetricShielded9 mm30 mm10 mm3563 N1499 N21.637.1 g
S639-2RSInchSealed9 mm30 mm10 mm3563 N1499 N21.637.02 g