Home Appliance

FITRUN BEARING is a home appliance bearings manufacturer since 2003. Our ball bearings are widely used on air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, dryers, dishwashers, small electrical appliances, ceiling fans, vacuum cleaners, exhaust fans, etc.

home appliance bearings

Features of our home appliance bearings

High Precision
Our precision bearings make it be easy to fit with other components of the appliance perfectly.

Low Noise
Home appliance is used indoor, so low noise is very important, or it will do harm to individuals or families. Low noise bearings help to reduce noise of the electric motors used on the appliance.

Low Vibration
Vibration cause noise and shorten the normal service life of the appliance. With our technology and experience, we can make the vibration of bearings be much lower.

Low Energy Consumption
Our well-made ball bearings help to save more energy and protect our environment.

Maintenance Free
It is costly and inconvenient to repair the home appliance, so our long life and maintenance free bearings for the home appliance will save your time, energy and money.