Power Tool Bearings

Electric power tool is a very competitive industry with new models coming out every day. Best bearings for electric power tools feature low noise and vibration, and high reliability, which makes the tool be comfortable and safe to its operator.

Power Tool Bearings

The general requirements of electric power tool

Maintenance Free
Maintenance free is a very important feature for electric power tool, because the repair is costly and inconvenient. FITRUN BEARING offers high quality ball bearings with adequate lubrication and anti-contamination features to extend their service life on the electric power tool.

Long Service Life
Long service life is a very important feature for electric power tool, it is critical for consumers brand loyalty.

The electric power tool is exposed to a lot of contamination substances (like dust, sand, paint, rust, etc.) all the time in working. So, the bearings need to have very good anti-contamination design to prevent the dust contamination.

FITRUN BEARING manufactures a wide variety of ball bearings for electric power tool, please check our bearings catalogue or contact us for the suitable bearings for your electric power tool.