RC Model Bearings

A RC (radio-controlled) model is a model that is steerable with the use of radio control. The most common types of RC model we know, are RC helicopters, RC planes, RC ground vehicles (RC car, RC truck) and RC boats, there are even RC submarines and RC scale railway locomotives which are not so commonly seen.

Bearing Applications RC Models

RC bearings are indispensable components of the main transmission unit in the RC models, they are widely used on the server, wheels and/ or micro motors of the RC models. And the quality of RC bearing decides the overall quality, service life and experience of the remote-control model.

FITRUN BEARING is a professional RC bearings manufacturer with 20 years design and manufacturing experience. We offer a wide range of standard and ceramic hybrid RC bearings for RC models. Our high-quality RC bearings can guarantee the smooth and stable working of the RC models.

Various ABEC tolerance, radial plays, retainer styles and shield/seal configurations are available in FITRUN BEARING. Here in the following table are some of the bearings for RC models, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you didn’t find the bearing you are looking for.

RC Bearings Popular Sizes

Part No.Bore Dia.Outer Dia.Width
MR84ZZ4 mm8 mm3 mm
MR85ZZ5 mm8 mm2.5 mm
MR95ZZ5 mm9 mm3 mm
MR105ZZ5 mm10 mm4 mm
MR115ZZ5 mm11 mm4 mm
MR126ZZ6 mm12 mm4 mm
MR686ZZ6 mm13 mm5 mm
MR128ZZ8 mm12 mm3.5 mm
MR148ZZ8 mm14 mm4 mm
688ZZ8 mm16 mm5 mm
6700ZZ10 mm15 mm4 mm
6701ZZ12 mm18 mm4 mm
6800ZZ10 mm19 mm5 mm
6801ZZ12 mm21 mm5 mm
RC Bearings Popular Sizes