YoYo Ball Bearings

Yoyo is a toy consisting of a pair of joined disks, there is a center axle between the two discs where string is attached and wound. The Yoyo toy is popular because of its simplicity, easy to learn and play everywhere and fun. Yoyo bearing is the main core part among all its components.

Yoyo Toy Bearings

The Yoyo bearing must have long idling time, low noise and glossy winding groove to get perfect operation of the Yoyo. FITRUN BEARING is the YoYo bearing manufacturer and supplier for many years, our Yoyo bearings have very long idling time and very low noise.

Here in the following table are some of the miniature ball bearings which customers often buy to use on the Yoyo toys.

Part No.Bore Dia.Outer Dia.Width
MR84ZZ4 mm8 mm3 mm
MR84-KK4 mm8 mm3 mm
MR95ZZ5 mm9 mm3 mm
MR95-KK5 mm9 mm3 mm
MR105ZZ5 mm10 mm4 mm
MR105-KK5 mm10 mm4 mm
685ZZ5 mm11 mm5 mm
685-KK5 mm11 mm5 mm
Yoyo Ball Bearings Catalogue, Size Chart

Bearing model number with KK indicates its outer ring is U-shape, it is a high precision Yoyo bearing in non-standard shape. The KK bearing features smoother speed because of its U-shaped groove design is in conformity to the working characteristics of Yoyo toy.